What waits for you?
~~~~ ~~~~
What’s breaking through?
~~~~ ~~~~
Nothing for good
~~~~ ~~~~
You’re sure it’s true?
Eien nante nai to ii kitte shimattara
~~~~ If “eternity” were declared as non-existent, ~~~~
Amari ni mo sabishikute setsunai desho? 
~~~~ Wouldn’t it just be too lonesome, and painful to bear? ~~~~
Dare mo ga hontou wa shinjitai kedo
~~~~ Everyone wants to believe it ~~~~
Uragirarereba fukaku kizutsuite shimau mono
~~~~ But can’t take the risk of the deep wounds of betrayal ~~~~
Eien ga aru sekai ga risou de wa naku
~~~~ If only we could come to realize ~~~~
sore wo shinji, tsuzuketeiru sugata
~~~~ We have to keep on believing ~~~~
Sorekoso bokura ga nozomubeki sekai
~ That a world where “eternity” applies isn’t merely a dream ~
to kizuku koto ga dekita nara
~~~~ And that that’s the kind of world we should wish for ~~~~
What will we have?
Believe that time is always forever
~~~~ ~~~~ 
and I’ll always be here 

~~~~ ~~~~
Believe it till the end 

~~~~ ~~~~
I won’t go away and won’t say never

~~~~ ~~~~ 
It doesn’t have to be friend

~~~~ ~~~~ 
You can keep it till the end

Tameshi ni eien nante nai to ii kirou
~~~~ Let’s try declaring “eternity” as non-existent. ~~~~
Soshitara kibou ya yume wa ikutsu shinu darou 
~~~~ Just how many hopes and dreams will shatter? ~~~~
Sore ga sonzai shinai koto no zetsubou to
~~~~ As I try imagining all the despair over non-existing things,  ~~~~
Sonzai suru koto no zankoku wo souzou shite mite boku wa sukoshimata
~~ And the cruelty of the things that do exist, it makes me want ~~
Mekuru PEEJI no te wo tomeru 
~~~~ To stop the hand that flips over the pages. ~~~~
How will we have?
Believe that time is always forever
~~~~ ~~~~ 
and I’ll always be here

~~~~ ~~~~ 
Believe it till the end 

~~~~ ~~~~
I won’t go away and won’t say never

~~~~ ~~~~ 
It doesn’t have to be friend

~~~~ ~~~~ 
You can keep it till the end

Repeat chorus …


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

What makes this an epic beginning to the journey of a lifetime?

Harry Potter. Ron Weasley. Hermione Granger. The three protagonists of the legendary series that revolutionised the fantasy genre for good. Think you’ve been reading excitement? Think again, as Harry Potter and the gang team up to save the wizarding world in the years to come.

From muggle madness to wondrous wizardry, Harry Potter began to realise that his life had more meaning to it than what lay on the surface. With fate tugging at his robes, Harry leapt out into a world he never knew before. With Hagrid (the wizard who came to get Harry), by his side, he came to know that where one is may not necessarily be where they belong.

Taking the train to a muggle-forbidden world, Harry’s astonishment had become overshadowed by the vast castle they called Hogwarts. The sheer eye-opening things Harry saw, felt and experienced opened his heart for good. He never confined his meaning and self-worth to the shallow, mindless confusion of Privet Drive ever again.



mou muridatta to tsubuyaku
~~~~ I muttered that I can’t handle it anymore ~~~~
demo koukai bakka de iya ni naru

~~~~ But then I began to hate all these regrets ~~~~
doko ka de mouichido…
~~~~ Somewhere, once more ~~~~
nakitai tokiniha waratte
~~~~ Smiling when want to cry ~~~~
sakebu kokoro shimetsuke
~~~~ Suffocating my crying heart ~~~~
What am I? Do you know?
~~~~ ~~~~
wakaranaku naru
~~~~ I know nothing anymore ~~~~
It will turn out all right, yowasa mo morosa mo
~~~~ It will turn out all right. Both weakness and fragility ~~~~
anata ga subete de darenimo hitei dekinai yo
~~~~ You’re my everything, no-one can deny that ~~~~
Oh you’re not lonely one
~~~~ ~~~~
I say (oh) you are the only one. yeah
san byou mae mita keshiki to
~~~~ The scenery that I seen 3 seconds ago ~~~~
mou utsuru sekai wa chigattete
~~~~ and the world that I see now are different ~~~~

asete ku kioku o…
~~~~ all of them fade away, this memory ~~~~
fui ni otozureru wakare ni
~~~~ Unexpected encountering, then comes the parting ~~~~
itamu mune tsubusa resou
~~~~ This chest feels hurt, just like being crushed ~~~~
one day at a time
~~~~ ~~~~
tsumikasanatte ku
~~~~ It’s accumulating ~~~~

It will turn out all right, yowasa mo morosa mo
~~~~ It will turn out alright. Both weakness and fragility ~~~~
anata ga subete de darenimo hitei dekinai yo
~~~~ You’re my everything, no one can deny that ~~~~
Oh you’re not lonely one
~~~~ ~~~~
I say (yes) you are the only one. yeah
show me
~~~~ ~~~~
Don’t stop you
~~~~ ~~~~
afureru koe o yume o ai o hold on
~~~~ Overflowing with voice, dreams, love, hold on! ~~~~
It will turn out all right, yowasa mo tsuyosa de
~~~~ It will turn out all right, whether in strong or weak circumstances ~~~~
“anatarashisa” nara darenimo kesenai (let’s go!)
~~~~ “Your likeness”, no one can erase it ~~~~
fumidasu ippo ga mirai o tsukutte
~~~~ Every step forward, will create a future ~~~~
machigai nado nai osorezu to go ahead
~~~~ It’s not a mistake, so don’t be afraid to go ahead ~~~~
arinomamade sonomama de ireba ii
~~~~ Just be yourself, it’s much better that way ~~~~
doko demonai koko ni iru yo be with you
~~~~ I won’t go anywhere, I’m here to be with you ~~~~
It will turn out all right. yowasa mo morosa mo
~~~~ It will turn out all right, Both weakness and fragility ~~~~
anata ga subete de darenimo hitei dekinai yo
~~~~ You’re my everything, no one can deny that ~~~~
Oh you’re not lonely one
~~~~ ~~~~
I say (yes) you are the only one
~~~~ ~~~~
only one..     ❤

Japanese Language – Kawaii?^-^

Why is Japanese such a beautiful, mystical language?

Memorable phrases, origins and quirky facts you didn’t know!

Ohayo! (Hey!) Genki desu ka? (How are you?) Anata no onamae wa? (What’s your name?) Watashi no namae wa Nabiha desu! ^-^ (My name is Nabiha!) Kawaii? (cute?) Zutto! (Very!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wow! Did you get through that first paragraph alright? No worries! Chances are you’re still learning this wonderful, unique language like I once was. Where did the Japanese language come from? Are there any other languages it can relate to?

During the 12th century, the development of Hiragana and Katakana (two profound Japanese writing systems) were derived from Kanji. Today, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana are all used in Japanese writing. Hiragana is understood to be the least complicated of the three.

So many English words have been in-built into Japanese phrases. These include “teburu” (table), “biru” (beer), “gurasu” (glass), “aisu” (ice), “takushi” (taxi) and “hoteru” (hotel). From the 18th century, in fact! If you’re a native English speaker looking to learn Japanese, then you’re off to a comfortable start!

I would say that Korean is my next favourite language after Japanese! Both languages are so similar in terms of “general structure, vowel harmony, lack of conjunctions, and the extensive use of honorific speech, in which the social rank of the listener heavily affects the dialogue.” (according to today translations)

“Japanese has an extremely complicated writing system, consisting of two sets of phonetic syllabaries (with approximately 50 syllables in each) and thousands of Chinese characters called “kanji”, approximately 2,000 of which the Ministry of Education has designated as required learning before high school graduation.”
Today translations

Today Translations: Japanese Language History
Japanese-lesson: What is Hiragana?
Japanese-lesson: What is Katakana?
Japanese-lesson: What is Kanji?

YouTube – Let’s appreciate!

Celebrating YouTube as the world’s most loved video broadcasting platform.

A look at some of the key highlights of YouTube that make it extra special.

YouTube has been around for 13 years. Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate the fascinating opportunities YouTube has opened for people everywhere! Heart-wrenching success stories, such as Eva Gutowski (ranked #4 in Variety’s Famechangers Digital Star Ranking list) and amazing actors, dancers and singers all over, such as Adam Sevani, Will Smith and BTS. Besides all of this, YouTube has connected and united the world far more for the better than the worse. Millions of teenagers have found friends, connections and communities on YouTube, which without, life would have hacked at them harder than without the wonderful free-for-all video community.

YouTube Features that aim to benefit creators and viewers

  • Monetized Ads – (Creators!) It is possible to take home a packet of money from monetizing! This is definitely a feature that helps YouTubers everywhere. Businesses, artists, families all get something back from their creative efforts into content.
  • LIVE STREAMING – (Everyone) From important football matches, talk shows and performances to new year’s eve celebrations, live streaming brings us all together in one way or another. Taking technology to new heights, live streaming in 360 video boosts opportunities never before heard of. For instance, NASA may live stream space and the stratosphere above us.

To end this blog, I’m going to leave you with some wonderful videos, that are my personal favorites. Enjoy!


Monthly Classic – Aug 2018

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much as doing as simply messing about in boats”

The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame

This fine piece of children’s literature amazes me just so! The simple, timeless tale of Mole discovering Spring and its beauty, not through nature, but through the wonderful friends he makes throughout! From frightened to fearless (although Toad could be described as fearless yet reckless, contrary to Mole’s shy demeanor).

The story line itself demonstrates the sheer beauty of nature and its wildlife that we overlook! Creatures as small as toads, moles, badgers weasels are magnified by their spirits and unique schools of perception and thought; shone on by each character.

Mole’s instant introduction as a shy, timid creature immersing himself in “Spring Cleaning” emphasizes a metaphorically and literally “small” start to a wonderful adventure. Pathetic fallacy can be observed by the size of Mole’s house as well as Mole’s timidity.

“..Oh bother!…Hang Spring Cleaning!” Time to go outside! This sudden outbreak of Mole into the Spring day illustrates a sudden change in atmosphere. The mood is lifted, and the protagonist can be seen to now lead an open mind and heart towards new things.

Joined shortly after by his fellow antagonist; Rat, pathetic fallacy allows for the ongoing smooth current of the river to keep Mole idle and satisfied with the new surroundings.

What about Toad? His character can be summarized as wild-spirited yet undeniably foolish at the same time! How would he be able to cope without old Rat and Mole by his side?

I hope you venture out on your own adventure, and read The Wind in the Willows! Such a perfected piece of children’s literature, indeed.